Wednesday, January 8, 2014


 Dairy Queen and I have not finalized our sponsorship yet. I am working with them to figure out all the final details. I spoke to the general manager of the store multiple times. She seemed a little worried at first because it's a ninth grader asking for money. I can understand her concern because she doesn't want to "be played". Meaning I say it's for a school project and then just use the money for myself. After I explained the whole project to her she seemed to be really on on board with the entire idea. After a few more times speaking with her we will probably set up a time where I can get the money from her, and then present it to the PUSA board. They have meetings every Monday night. My parents attend them because my dad is a board ember and my mom is a coach. I can most likely present the check and the idea if this scholarship to them at one of these meetings in the near future. All in all I think my project is really coming along. It may have started off slow but it is starting to all come together and be worth it in the end!! I am so glad I was apart of the 20 Time Experience!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Skills and Final Steps!

Thoughout this entire process I have gained many skills that I remember for my entire life. Or of the things I have gained is the ability to help others. From all of the information I have researched I can help people who maybe have the same thoughts as me but maybe for a different sport. For example Kendall and I best ally have the same project. We collaborated on the fact of what jobs we could have. I also would be able to help others wanting to peruse a type if career dealing with soccer. I have researched many soccer related jobs and I have found a lot of information on it. 

Recently I have been meaning to call Dairy Queen to find out how I will be receiving the money they said they would donate. I have not gotten around to it though. I am planning on calling them by Friday so I can have some finalized information. If I can get the money before the semester ends then that will be great because I will have it to donate close to the holiday season. This time of year is a time of giving so I feel as if it would be a great time to donate the money. 

Monday, November 18, 2013


There are many professions out in the world pertaining to soccer. The one I have found to be the best for me is to become a high level coach. I found that if I wanted to run clinics I would need to get a club to run the clinic. I would also have to get volunteers and equipment for the kids to use. I may not get payed if I run clinics for a living. If I did it would be very little pay. If I become an assistant coach then I can get background on coaching and work my way up to a head coach. I can go from team to team and get to a high paying team to coach for.


There have been many lessons that I got out of 20 time. The most valuable one though is that I can do things that I didn't even know was possible. This is because I never would have thought that I would have been able to get a sponsor, but I did. I also never thought I would actually get enough money to make a difference in something. This lesson can help me in many ways. It is keeping me focused to complete this project because I actually want to make a difference. I actually want to do good for my community. This lesson can even help me throughout my years in high school. I can think back to this project when I feel as if I can not do something. I will remember the great goal I achieved and it will make me determined to do other good things for the community.

Monday, November 4, 2013

About Pitch Day!

In my opinion pitch day went amazingly. I recieved a lot of positive feedback from everyone who visited my station. Everyone gave me nice ideas and encouraging comments. One person even told me he would help me out with the fundraising! That was really awesome. It was was good to feel like an adult. Everyone treated me with the same respect as if I was presenting an idea at a business meeting. I was surprised I felt more comfortable presenting to the administration and parents than to my classmates. I realized I am a better presenter when I can connect one on one with someone. It is much harder to connect with a larger audience. It was more comfortable for me because everyone was doing the same thing and I did not feel isolated in the front of the classroom. To add to my comfort level I was able to present next to my two bestfriends in the class. All of these points made pitch day a success in my mind.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Learning About Myself!

I have learned many things about myself thus far. This project helped me with things I will be able to use later in life. One thing I discovered is I am not good at contacting people of authority. This is only true when I am around other people. I am fine when I call people and I am alone in a room. I needed to overcome the problem of the manager of Dairy Queen being on vacation. I had to wait until she was back to contact her. It was fairly easy for me to come up with my ideas once I had the main topic of soccer. However, it was a bit of a struggle to come up with a sponsor. I wanted Nike, but they are a big cooperation that focuses on large scale charities. I had to find a business which was privately owned so it would be more local. I am looking into local soccer organizations that are willing tot accept the donation. 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Talking To Peers!

I will need to talk to a few people including Dairy Queen and the soccer coaches here at the high school. For the soccer coaches I will need to see if this is a respectable offer. I will also see if they think it is a good idea to donate the money to the school. When I contact Dairy Queen I will need to ask questions. I will let them know this is a school project and that they would be donating the money to my school if they choose to sponsor us. I will tell them how we always go to Dairy Queen after our games(which is very true)!
These questions include
Will they sponsor my soccer team?
If so how will I get the stats to them?
Is there an easier way to contact you and when is the best time to contact you?
How will we recieve the money?
If not see if they will maybe donate a dollar a goal instead of 2.